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SFP Engineering the chief-installation offers not only strict architectural supervision, but also services.

To you the long-term operational experience and intuition of the present masters to the aid come. Our employees pass regular professional retraining and able to install competently the modern equipment of the highest level of complexity.


We are usually already familiar with all complexities of the project at a level of the documentation that is why we give enhanced attention to key units of system. Carrying out of installation works under own project serves as the additional quality assurance.


Our experts are ready to train assemblers in features of works with the newest equipment. At occurrence of difficulties experts will render professional consultations.


The chief-installation guarantees careful technological quality assurance. When assemblers experience because of complexity of the order, SFP Engineering gives own highly skilled masters.


Employees of our company carry out the chief-installation of two complex systems:


1.Fire-prevention protection and life safety systems:

   All kinds automatic fire suppression systems: water (sprinkler and drencher), gas, powder, aerosol, foam;

   The automatic fire and fire-security alarm systems;

   Systems of the notification and evacuation of people at a fire;

   Fire-prevention water supply;

   Automatic smoke extract;

   The tool control of various parameters over a leaking, temperature, humidity, etc.;

   Life-support of an intellectual building.


2. Safety systems:

   The security and security-fire signal system;

   The signal system of perimeter;

   Analog and digital video observation;

   The control and management of access of mechanisms of various complexity (from electromagnetic locks up to turnstiles and barriers);


The systems preventing thefts in shops.